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Do you want durability, or do you want barefoot movement? If you are a man and think of your foot as particularly narrow, you can consider ordering a women’s style. Many male customers find a great fit in women’s styles. There is a slight toe spring to the Z-Trail, so the sole lands under your feet, and not before your feet. The straps keep the sandal close to your feet during the entire stride. I had fun making my sandals, and even more fun customizing them.

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My only problem is the small bruise I got sometimes on my big toe, where the strap goes above it. I personally guess it is due to find the right balance of tightness need to run on flats, steep hills, etc. I could solve it inmediatly using socks, but I don’t like using socks! It was easy to choose sandals’ size following this video from Xero Shoes website. Of course, you can minimize these problem using socks.

What Shoe Brands Are Best for Wide Feet?

And athletes that want a model for lifting and running, especially for those that like shoes with a sock-like as mentioned in my first pro. However, there are a few cons that come along with this model, which I’ll discuss below. To break down the performance section in this review, I’m going to talk about how the Xero Shoes Prio does in a variety of training settings. This way you can better contextualize if the Xero Shoes Prio is a good fit for you. It’s not Xero’s deepest shoe; shallow feet people rejoice! The Prio, the HFS, and others won’t work for those with shallow feet.

These shoes were gifted from Xero Shoes, but this post is not sponsored. It was still cold out when I tested them, but it seems to me like the thick material would feel hot in the summer. I’ll probably wear them most often in spring and fall .

CEM Sizing Guide

People like different fits — some like their toes near the end, others like 1/4″-1/2″ of extra space. Below are general tips and considerations for selecting your Xero Shoe size. While each individual Xero product description contains sizing information for each individual style, sizing for Xero Shoes takes an understanding of a few tips. We hope this guide will further assist you in your Xero shoe buying experience. The sole of the Z-Trail is thicker than our other sandals, so customers can get a roomier fit on this style, if preferred.

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What happened to Colorado-based Xero Shoes since its founders ….

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Happy to report back that 5 accounting software under $40 best for startup businesses now been in Xeroshoes/Vibrams (+toesocks in winter) since the beginning of March. I’ve completed 2 half marathons in Vibrams and 2 x 10km races – one in Xeros. I wanted them to be lightweight enough so that they don’t encumber my movement. I wanted them to provide a healthy, natural grip. And I also wanted them to look great, and to be easy to slip on and off in the airports.

This shoe is slightly thinner through the toe box compared to other barefoot shoes so they’ll work best with neutral and narrow-width feet. For daily wear, I like the Xero Shoes Prio and think they’re a good model to look into for anyone acclimating to barefoot shoes. They deliver a consistent fit and feel and they have a pretty budget-friendly price. They’re not the most aesthetic barefoot shoe on the market, but for running errands, wearing on long walks, and just rocking out and about they get the job done. All of our women’s shoes are wider than conventional women’s shoes. The Aqua Cloud is an updated version of the Cloud sandal from Xero shoes.

Men’s Shoes

The Xero Shoes Prio are an okay barefoot shoe for CrossFit. For most, they’ll get the job done, but if you want something more specific, then you may want to explore something like the Xero Shoes 360. The suede toe box is a bit thick in nature and the silhouette of this model has a clunky appearance.

I bought my first barefoot shoes when I was 24 years old and have been inlovewith them ever since. XeroShoes is all about nature and the natural feel. Many enthusiasts like XeroShoes for their sandals, wide toes, and amazing soles. I have been a fan of XeroShoes for a long, but recently I needed something different. Xero recommends getting half a size higher for a more accurate and comfortable fit when discussing sizing.


Especially in humid summers, the open-air https://bookkeeping-reviews.com/ing is great to go up against my sweaty feet. Pictured with Outlier’s Ramielust tee and Seagale’s Performance Chinos.I have a few minimal sandals, and like the rest, it certainly gives you an almost barefoot look. While I personally like them and think they look pretty rad, they would make you look casual no matter what the rest of your outfit is. Having experienced a variety of sandals, from standard ones like KEEN UNEEK to minimalist ones like the LUNA Mono Gordo, I’m quite sure about what I want in a pair of sandals. The tread of this shoe is very specific to its purpose of encouraging running with a a midfoot strike, which relies on the natural gripping ability of the toes.

If there are any problems with the size, you can exchange your shoes. There’s a slight difference between waterproof and rain friendly. In rain-friendly shoes, you’re not supposed to deliberately use them in water/wet conditions. But they won’t be damaged if you wear them in light rain because they’re resistant to splashes. LIGHTWEIGHT FOR EVERYDAY USE – Casual in design, but built on our high-performance FeelTrue sandal base to handle much more.

The Xero HFS minimalist running shoe is a lightweight, affordable option for those looking for an efficient and comfortable running shoe. The ultra-lightweight design allows for superior flexibility and natural foot feel, making it perfect for long-distance runs or speed workouts. Available in several color options, the Xero HFS is sure to turn heads while providing a comfortable ride. As we continue to say, the HFS is designed like a racing flat and thus excels as a road runner. From our time spent off-road, it is obvious that trails are definitely rough on the outsoles — even after only a dozen or so miles, the rubber started to wear in areas of high impact. We imagine that consistent road running in these shoes will be much friendlier to sole longevity than consistent trail running.

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Xero Shoes Scrambler Mid Hiking Boot Review: Made to Mimic the ….

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Then, I took a chance thinking outside of the box, because a prior pair of Salomon felt rather minimalist/feel the ground to that style, which Salomon had since discontinued. This put back that steady feel the ground to a shoe and felt amazing right off the bat. Took it to the street, and realized needed a touch of cushioning which lay nicely under the insole that came with the shoe. With that realization in mind, I turned that thinking up a notch to accommodate my low arches and need to lift the heel with a thin insole in place of the one that came with it. Dr. Scholl’s Plantar Fasciitis or Superfeet carbon are potential candidates for this. I am used to that dance, for I’ve been doing it for years, and am a bit of an expert at adapting shoes to match my needs.

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Our goal is to provide our research-savvy customers with as much useful information as possible, so they can make the best choice. The JP sizes should be the actual internal mms, but I don’t find that always to be the case. I’ve never found the shoes to come out longer than the chart, but have found other models come in short against the chart. These particular shoes are from an older run that was about 1/2 a size off.

A barefoot shoe is naturally shaped to a foot right out of the gate…no special sizing required. They just arrived today, so I have no idea how they’ll perform for the long haul but immediately my foot fit in them. Also, because I can make a clear connection with my foot fall and the ground through the thin sole, I could immediately feel how “wrong” I was walking. On my right, and most problematic foot, I was walking on the outer side of my foot. The inside of my foot was barely even making contact with the ground.

  • Third, the flat strap doesn’t roll around like round rope does.
  • I wanted them to be lightweight enough so that they don’t encumber my movement.
  • “From a kinetic chain standpoint, your foot is the first point of contact with the ground; your whole skeletal structure is supported by your feet,” says Bowersock.
  • For trainers and performance trainers, we take them on daily runs, workouts, recovery runs and a long run prior to review (often accumulating anywhere from miles in the process).

Compared to the Xero Shoes HFS, I think the Prio’s upper will be a bit more durable in the long run for lifting and daily wear. And casual runs, I was curious, is the Prio just as good? Xero Shoes markets the Prio as a more training-focused model, which intrigued me based on my current training goals. The Speed Force is a super minimal, lightweight, and a perfectly flexible runner.

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