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Although we like the look of the LapGear Designer desk overall, we wish it were available in at least one neutral, solid color. Bold prints like paisley and argyle aren’t for everyone, and it would be a shame if your lap desk clashed with your home, office, or dorm-room decor. But since the Designer comes in a wide variety of colorful patterns , we think most people can find one they like, even if it wouldn’t be their first choice.

  • Accidents happen now and then; you may lose your notepad file all out of sudden.
  • But since it’s designed for travel, rather than around-the-house use, we don’t think the funerary aesthetic will be a major detractor for most people.
  • Taking this on board will help to decrease the learning curve you face when using PowerShell and decrease the number of new commands that you have to learn.
  • Many projects have differnet coding style requirements, some use tabs other prefer spaces.

Be careful to center it exactly on the one inch mark, and don’t go much over 1/8-in. Set the combination square to mark out one inch beyond your intended measurement, then place a pencil in your 1/8-in. Now just slide your square along the edge of your material and let the pencil mark a nice crisp line. An American football field is just over one acre. And of course this trick works with any sport that has a regulated field size. Most major league baseball fields are about 2-1/2 acres.

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The URL can then be copied into a browser in order to create the diagram image. This URL is useful when trying to put PlantUML diagrams into documents or uploading them to other websites. Check out the project on GitHub to learn more, or add it to Visual Studio Code to get started now. Tailwind CSS uses a lot of custom CSS at-rules like @tailwind, @apply, and @screen, and in many editors this can trigger warnings or errors where these rules aren’t recognized. Plugins and configuration settings that can improve the developer experience when working with Tailwind CSS. The formatting library has been around for a while, but you may still find previously-unknown issues.

It’s one of the widest models we tested, its padding is ventilated, and it has dual mousepads, zip-up storage pouches, and a roomy laptop rest. But in practice, that laptop rest is made of hard plastic and makes the whole thing uncomfortable to use. Also, it weighs more than twice as much as our other picks—nearly 8 pounds, or roughly the weight of a newborn baby. Finally, it’s the priciest lap desk we tested, costing twice as much as the LapGear as of this writing. But if you don’t mind those drawbacks , don’t hesitate to get it.

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Did you read a tutorial that asks you to edit your wp-config file, and you have no idea what it is? In this article, we will show you how to properly edit the wp-config.php file in WordPress. Set the highlighting of the syntax on the fly with this GNOME-friendly editor to fit the configuration file you’re working with.

For example, while recently trying another Text Editor , I noticed that any time a block of code between braces occurs, the block is automatically indented. That same functionality is what I’m looking for in Notepad++. The dashboard and mobile app allows users to manage their marketing, sales, accounting, reporting, payment and communication needs all in one place.

Is an free online notepad with password, where you can securely save your notes on the web. Follow steps 7-8 above to access your deleted data. Have you deleted an important message on Instagram and regretted it moments later? The good news is, it’s possible to recover deleted DMs — Instagram doesn’t make it obvious how. The team has independently researched the JavaScript Object Notation file format and Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS apps listed on this page.

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