Honest Casinos

Honest Casinos

Do you like casinos? Spending an hour at the roulette table in the evening, winning a hundred or two dollars, and going to bed pleased with yourself? Don’t know how to pick an HONEST casino?Want to play and know exactly what criteria to use to determine the integrity of a casino? It’s simple. Take 3 minutes to read through this important information and you’ll never be cheated – guaranteed! This certainly isn’t super insider-level information, but still, 95% of you didn’t know about it.

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Everything will be laid out as briefly as possible.

4 months ago

History of online casinos

The development of online casinos has undergone three important evolutions, arriving at absolute honesty. Initially, since the late 90s, each casino had its own personally developed game software. With the development of technology and the increasing demands of players, this has become more and more difficult and expensive to do.

Gaming software companies appeared, such as microgaming, playtech, netent, igt, nextgen, nyx and many others, who rented out their software and thereby significantly reduced the cost of game software development.

To raise confidence and prove their honesty to players, they licensed their activities and demonstrated audits from well-known companies.

However it used to be then, ordinary players such as us had no access to the admin panel of this software. This was the privilege of a selected few with the software costing up to tens, thousands of dollars with fees. Players had no ability to check what was really going on with the game’s integrity and if a casino had any opportunity to interfere with it. And most importantly, the purchased software was responsible for one particular casino, for its internal kitchen.

And now, let us seamlessly transition to the main evolution of online casinos:

"LIVE" dealers

Casino software has evolved to "living" games. Skipping the painful development process, I’ll briefly explain how it all works today:

– The casino that we use to play enters into an agreement with the live game organizer in order to establish a connection. In addition to "our" casino, hundreds of other casinos are connected to the live game organizer. This way, simply put, the organizer from one table deals to all connected casinos. All this is done live, thousands of players watching the screen, and the casino can’t play against you. The casino can’t influence what the live game organizer deals you in any way and doesn’t care what happens and how far you beat "your" casino! In fact, we get a completely independent "live" dealer whose job is to simply issue results and doesn’t care what you bet. He gets paid in fixed payments for organizing the game. The casino that you play for simply becomes a financial pad whose task is to collect money from you and pay back if you win.

This division of duties and responsibilities specifically guarantees the integrity of the game. Plus, add to that the livestream and hundreds of players at a time playing with you and chatting.

"LIVE" game organizers

The biggest player on the market is Evolution Gaming – in short:

– 17 years on the market

– 11 studios in 9 countries! Over 200 games! Dealers speak 15 languages!

– Licenses, including strict U.S. ones (not purchased offshore). Company shares traded on NASDAQ (ticker EVVTY)!

A boulder in the market with an impeccable reputation allowing for confident playing.

Next is Ezugi – actually the successor of the top – started later, less studios, but more games! It’s also more diverse. Has Asian roots. Another one is BetGames – a niche organization with no roulette, but with dice, baccarat, lotto, poker, show games and so on.

But personally, I like the roulette from PragmaticPlay – it’s fantastically made!

Vivo Gaming, Super Spade Games, Media Live Casino and лучшее казино онлайн (mir-textilya.ru) XProGaming are also worth mentioning.

One important nuance is that you will not be able to play live games through these providers. These are B2B organizations. You need a casino-intermediary through which you can play these live games after registering. As a result, your task is to find a RELIABLE (meaning large and rich) casino with comfortable deposit, instant withdrawal of funds, and a connection to the maximum number of live game organizers.

How do I find a good casino that has live games? The first option is to search for one on Google, but you can end up searching for ages! Moreover, the search results on Google are, let’s be honest, not fair and not logical. The second option, the best one, is recommendations. I’m just the same player as you are. I’ve studied many different platforms, played in more than a dozen large live casinos, and have long ago chosen the best for myself – you should take my advice. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

And as an example, I’ll show you how the roulette from PragmaticPlay works. There are 100+ live games in total! In addition to different variations of roulette, there are also show games (monopoly, keno, different reels/wheels, etc.), classic card games (blackjack, poker, baccarat) and craps:

And a huge number of different types of roulette with dealers who speak 15 languages:

Faking the live roulette spin results in this casino is impossible – everything can be seen in detail. The camera shows the table from 3 to 4 angles, all the dealer’s operations are seen in detail down to the pixel, and the image is transmitted in FHD resolution!

In addition, you share the table with other players, with a general chat to discuss the game. Scamming is just not possible!

Particular emphasis is placed on the "flight" of the ball when you throw it, and most importantly, the "landing":

Pay attention to how detailed the spin statistics issued by the casino are. The last 500 (!) results are stored in the memory. Charts and frequency of numbers are tracked too. This is a very helpful tool for creating your game strategy!

And here’s what blackjack looks like in a live casino:

And new ONE hand’s blackjack:

The minimal bet on color and equal chances is 5 cents, which is very good, because it allows you to play to your heart’s desire with just a small deposit of $10-15. What’s more, this casino’s minimum deposit is set at just $10. Another convenience of this casino is the instant registration without filling any boxes in. The deposit/withdrawal system is also quite convenient, with the minimum amount of information required:

And finally, a screenshot of one of my accounts at this casino:

2 weeks ago

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Wishing you big returns!!!

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